Takshila Academy (Roots)
Age Group - 3 to 12

About Us

  1. Run by Raghuraji devi Foundation Trust
  2. 600 Children from Akbarpur, Goshainganj, Katehri, Jalalpur, Malipur and surrounding areas.
  3. Twenty Four classes: Montessori to Class V.
  4. 80 staff including 45 teachers, exposed to project based and progressive pedagogy styles.
  5. One school bus and seven small vehicles that transport the children to and from the Academy each day.
  6. NCERT Pattern and text-books, enriched by international education experts.
  7. Well-furnished AV Room, Computer Lab, Cooking Lab and Resource Centre.
  8. Excellent sports facility like Table Tennis, Football, Kho-Kho, Lawn Tennis, Cricket etc.
  9. We follow Project method integrated to entire subjects, under the guidance of educational experts.

    10.Well maintained Splash pool, Tyre Park.

    11.Special curriculum based on age appropriate practices.

    12.We evaluate the child according to his age, mental level and interest not through paper and pen             test or marks.

Uniqueness of Takshila Academy (Roots)

  1.   Situated in a peaceful and serene environment
  2.   It has an area of 4 acres on Jauhardeeh-Station road.
  3.   Attractive and functional (BALA) building.
  4.  Special Areas for cooking, Gardening, painting and clay work.
  5.   High level of Hygiene and sanitation are maintained.
  6.   Class rooms are equipped with books, blocks, clay, toys, charts, pictures, art and craft material, puzzles and games.
  7.   The number of students in each class is limited to 35.
  8.   The playground has open space to play.
  • Well qualified, experienced and dedicated teaching staff are appointed and trained through in-house/outhouse training programmes. Also, their appraisal is done through feedback from parents and students.
  • Health consciousness programme, including regular health check-up is a part of our curriculum. A doctor visits school for regular medical checkup of students. A two bed infirmary with a qualified matron provides medical help and first-aid to the staff and students of the Academy.
  • Personal attention and remedial treatments is given to children having behavioral, academic or other problems in day to day life through the counseling of child and parent.
  • The school curriculum is structured on modern, progressive and holistic approach covering the study of academic subject and exposing the students to a wide variety of co-scholastic subjects.