Takshila Academy (Roots)
Age Group - 3 to 12

About Us

Managed by the Raghuraji Devi Foundation Trust, Takshila Academy (Roots) serves approximately 735 children from Akbarpur, Goshainganj, Katehri, Jalalpur, Malipur, and surrounding areas. Our educational offerings span from Montessori to Class V, encompassing twentyfour classes.

Our dedicated team comprises 94 staff members, including 45 teachers who are well-versed in project-based and progressive pedagogy styles. Transportation is facilitated by three school buses and eight smaller vehicles, ensuring the safe and timely commute of our students to and from the Academy every day.

We adhere to the NCERT pattern and textbooks, enriched by insights from international education experts. The infrastructure at Takshila Roots includes a well-furnished Computer Lab, Cooking Lab, and Resource Centre Lab, Activity Centres, Dance room, Music Room, Art Room. The school boasts excellent sports facilities, featuring activities such as Table Tennis, Football, KhoKho, Lawn Tennis, Cricket, Badminton, Kabaddi and more.

Our unique approach involves implementing the Project Method integrated across all subjects, guided by educational experts. In addition to academic pursuits, students can enjoy recreational activities in our well-maintained Splash Pool and Tyre Park.

At Takshila Roots, we follow a special curriculum based on age-appropriate practices. We prioritize holistic evaluation methods, assessing each child according to their age, mental level, and interests, steering away from traditional paper-and-pen tests or marks. This ensures a comprehensive and nurturing learning environment for our students.

Enhanced Features of Takshila Academy (Roots)

Idyllic Location:

Nestled in a tranquil and picturesque setting, Takshila Academy offers an ideal learning environment.

Expansive Campus:

Encompassing a sprawling 4-acre area along Jauhardeeh-Station Road, our academy provides ample space for diverse activities.

Contemporary Architecture:

The aesthetically pleasing and functional BALA building adds to the allure of the academy.

Specialized Activity Zones:

Dedicated spaces for cooking, gardening, painting, and clay work foster creativity and skill development.

Hygiene Excellence:

Maintaining a high standard of hygiene and sanitation, we ensure a clean and safe environment for our students.

Resource-Rich Classrooms:

Equipped with an array of educational tools such as books, blocks, clay, toys, charts, pictures, art and craft materials, puzzles, and games, our classrooms facilitate interactive and engaging learning experiences.

Optimal Class Sizes:

With a commitment to personalized education, each class accommodates a limited number of 35 students to ensure individual attention.

Expansive Playground:

The playground provides ample open space for recreational activities, encouraging physical well-being and social interaction.

Distinguished Teaching Faculty:

Our academy boasts well-qualified, experienced, and dedicated teaching staff who undergo rigorous training programs for continuous professional development. Feedback from parents and students is actively sought for faculty appraisal.

Holistic Health Program:

A comprehensive health consciousness program includes regular health check-ups conducted by a visiting doctor. Our two-bed infirmary, managed by a qualified matron, offers medical assistance and first aid to both staff and students.

Individualized Support:

Personal attention and remedial treatments are provided to students facing behavioral, academic, or other challenges. Regular counseling sessions involve both the child and parent to address concerns effectively.

Modern and Holistic Curriculum:

Takshila Academy’s curriculum is designed on a modern, progressive, and holistic approach. It encompasses academic subjects while exposing students to a diverse range of co-scholastic disciplines for a well-rounded education.