Takshila Academy (Roots)
Age Group - 3 to 12

Brief history of Takshila Roots:

Akbarpur is witnessing tremendous change since the creation of Ambedkarnagar district in 1995. Local infrastructure has improved, district headquarters have been built and business is booming as government aid along with private sector project, fuel the local economy.

But educational Infrastructure had so far seen no improvement. Listed at the top on India list of backward areas. Little effort has been made to improve quality of education in Ambedkarnagar. Families have had to take drastic steps to combat the situation. Parents are forced to send children to boarding schools or even move whole families to other towns to provide good schooling.

We at Takshila Shikshan Sansthan have decided to break this deadlock by establishing Takshila Academy. Situated in an area of 4 acres on Malipur road among vast mango groves. We provide a learning experience which nurture you child to his/her’s full potential.

At Takshila Academy our vision and aim is to create “A school with joyful, inclusive and child sensitive environment to develop leaders as catalyst for an improved world. “ We believe in providing a relevant and student-centered curriculum that teaches students to think for themselves, and promotes interactive and life-long learning.

A message from principal’s pen:

Takshila Roots is a vibrant and Joyous place where children are creatively involved in the developmentally appropriate and age appropriate hands-on activities. Pupils have ample of opportunity to express their thoughts in an active way under their flexible curriculum and need based syllabus. Through this approach they grow up into responsible, sensitive individuals, confident and successful learner who can bring effective change in the society.

Our journey began in 2017 and in these 4-5 years we have proved us amongst the most prominent schools in Ambedkarnagar and Uttar Pradesh. Our accomplishments have carved a positive environment in the education arena. The school is affiliated to BSA. The school began as a quest for quality education by Mr. Ritesh Pandey as he wanted to give a quality education to the blooming buds of Ambedkarnagar.

We believe in independent schooling of our children. We provide them with small class strength where they get individual attention. Our classes are child centred and child sensitive where they get natured through love, care and affection of our teachers under hands on experiences, trips, cooking activities, interviews and wind-ups.

For any Enquiry call us:

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