Takshila Academy (Roots)
Age Group - 3 to 12

Curriculum Activities

Circle Time: Every day as the children reach to school they get 45 minutes with the teachers to talk share their feelings, listen stories, sing poems and songs and play some games. This time is very precious for our students as they develop a love, trust and dependency on teachers as well as learn to deal with school systems. They also develop interpersonal relations.

Copy Work: Children are provided with at least two copy works in a day with proper discussions and follow up homework.

Free Play: Children from Montessori to Class UKG have a free play time where they explore various areas developed in the classes like Fantasy Area, EPL Area, Library Block and Manipulative etc.

Activity Center: Cluster I & II children get lot of exposure for co-curricular activities and hands on learning during the activity center period.

CCA: Every week two CCA periods are given from cluster III to V where children participate in various sports and literary events like Chess, Carom, Table Tennis, Storytelling and poem recitation competition Spell Bee and quizzes.

Hobby Period: Children are also getting a chance to develop and brush up their hobbies under the able guidance of experts during their hobby periods twice in a week.

Fruit Break: To develop good fruit habit we provide our children with special period where every child has to bring in a seasonal fruits to develop his/her love for healthy eating habit.

Project Method: All the classes take a fortnightly/ monthly topic to explore and to develop in depth understanding of the given project. Children express their learning about the topic in the form of poem songs drawings write-ups models role plays and discussions during the wind up of the project.

Festival Celebrations: At Roots we take opportunities to celebrate all the national as well as religious festivals with same zeal and fervor. Through these celebrations we develop a sense of respect for every religion and customs.

Cubs and Bulbuls: We are the only school in the Ambedkar Nagar who has started scouting activities at primary level. Our Cubs and Bulbuls go through regress training and lot of life skill learning during their camps and course.