Takshila Academy (Roots)
Age Group - 3 to 12


Takshila Academy is passionately dedicated to delivering quality and holistic education to the children of Ambedkar Nagar, through strong leadership, strategic partnership, a progressive, challenging and self-satisfying environment for our employees, along with responsiveness to our community.

As an institute we are strong believer of the fact that children learn through their mistake and we gave them ample of opportunities when they learn as per our pedagogy “Learning by Doing”. We are motivated to create a better world through education in eastern Uttar Pradesh. We value our hard earned reputation for quality, for high standards and for pedagogical leadership. We achieve our goals by working with partners and by actively involving our stakeholders, particularly teachers and parents.
We aim to redefine a child’s life with values and confidence. We aim to impart education with befitting practices, to inculcate good working habits, imbibe suitable social and cultural values. We aspire to develop in our pupils skills for lifelong learning.
Our focus is to nurture and develop holistic world citizens who are well rounded personalities with admirable life skills and academic excellence.